Annie King, LMT, CST, BS Psychology

Annie King is an advanced therapist living and working in Salt Lake City, Utah, who brings thirty years of experience to her practice.  She practices a number of integrated therapies to treat chronic neck and back pain, headaches and head Injuries, trauma, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and structural misalignment issues. She has experience working with combat veterans suffering with PTSD, individuals struggling with addiction, and people who are working through the grief process. She helps the elderly feel more "well-derly," while she helps younger athletes get their alignment on track. 

Annie has worked in a variety of healthcare settings including offices of Physical Therapists, MDs, Acupuncturists, Rolfers/Structural Integration Therapists, Doctors of Chiropractic, LCSWs, and Dentists/TMJ Specialists. She has extensive experience and understanding of craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, kinesiology, dance, massage, and movement-based therapies. In her Therapeutic Yoga practice, she focuses on customized private sessions with injured and aging bodies. 

Annie's licensing and qualifications are extensive, collectively adding up to comprehensive experience in body alignment, movement, anatomy, and overall health. A brief history of her educational background includes: 

  • Private Instruction with Sri Ma Govinda in Iyengar Yoga

  • Study of Dance and Business at the University of Texas

  • Licensed Massage Therapist program at Santa Cruz College of Massage Therapy

  • Advanced Study in Dance Kinesiology at the University of Utah

  • Advanced Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage, and Neuromuscular Therapy at the Upledger Institute

  • Jungian Social Group Work Training at the Center for Transpersonal Therapy

  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Union Institute and University

  • Certified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor program at the Yoga Alliance

  • Trauma Clearing Training at Trauma Dynamics in Denver

Psychedelic and hallucinogenic therapies for trauma and PTSD

Annie is currently enrolled at Trauma Dynamics in Denver, Colorado completing certification as a Psychedelic Assisted Therapist. Annie’s work with combat veterans and those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress and PTSD has opened her eyes to the potential of amplifying the benefits of craniosacral therapy with entheogens, which are medicines that increase empathy in individuals. Annie is also being trained at the Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy Clinic, Innate Path, in Colorado. Cannabis has been shown to be a powerful aid in accessing suppressed emotional material in the body when used therapeutically. (I am in no way suggesting or advocating recreational use of any substance. This application is quite different.) Annie looks forward to bringing her longtime dream to life, offering therapeutic plans that incorporate safe and powerful psychedelic medicines.

Annie's experience with a wide range of therapeutic techniques allows her to address the structural and emotional issues you are working with, in an effort to bring more resiliency and and a greater sense of well-being to your life.  

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On Annie's Team 


 Dr. Corey Frogley, Doctor of Chiropractic, CCEP
Integrated Wellness

Dr. Scott Asay, Doctor of Chiropractic, CCEP
Apollo Health Center


Judson Wall, DDS, TMJ Specialist, Biological Dentist
Dental Solutions

Structural Integration & massage

Amber Burnham, Licensed Massage Therapist, Advanced Structural Integrator
Center for Length

CRANIal orthopedist

Michael Briden


Matt Jevtic, Licensed Acupuncturist

Shared Experiences from Annie's Appreciative Clients 

“Annie King has the magic. Her intuitive gifts are startling. Her craniosacral therapy abilities can read the invisible world like a printed page. With hardly a move, she releases constrictions in body, mind, and spirit. One floats after a session.”

— Lois Stark, Writer, Houston, TX

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Annie King as a massage therapist, craniosacral therapist and yoga teacher. My wife, Susan, and I have known and worked with Annie since 1998. We therefore know from experience that she has great skill in dealing with physical problems. We both now experience more mobility and vitality and are confident that others can reap similar benefits from working with Ms. King. Annie is a person of great integrity and dependability as well as an insightful and sensitive therapist with abilities way beyond those of a technician.”

— James A. Baker, III Houston, TX

“Annie King has magic healing hands.

For years I had lived with occasional pain as a result of neck injury caused by a rear end collision. Pain increased as I focused on my work and pushed to complete projects. I couldn’t hold my arms straight above my head without great effort. My right hand was getting weaker and the pain in my neck, arm, elbow and hand was keeping me awake at night. I am a pianist and piano teacher, and I was losing skill. I knew I had neck compression. Medical doctors told me surgeries “might” help me.

Annie’s body work has saved me. I am now generally pain free, and move my arms and shoulders freely. With craniosacral body work, I feel improvement from the top of my head to the tips of my toes (literally). Each treatment is totally different, because Annie knows where to go to target my pain and tension. Thank you, Angel Annie. Not ready to retire from life just yet!”

— Joyce Wall, Bountiful, UT, Mother of 9, Grandmother of 27


“Annie King is an accomplished, professional therapist, who treated me while I was going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. Through her practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy, she was able to eliminate a post op seroma in one session, without having to have it drained. Coming to Annie for craniosacral therapy lowered my anxiety and helped me go through this difficult ordeal with a greater sense of calm and equanimity. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has lymphedema or is going through cancer treatment.”

— Dr. Leslie Cooper, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

“It has been my great privilege to experience body work at the hands of many individuals throughout the country and the world over the last 30 years. Annie King stands out as a true healer, not just of the body, but of the mind and spirit as well.”

— Elizabeth Winston Jones, Menninger Foundation, Houston, TX

“Annie managed to do for me something I would think highly improbable, which was to help me get through chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer with a smile on my face and a calm, strong, body and mind. Her combination of craniosacral and Lymphatic Drainage kept my whole system supported while my cancer cells were under the assault of the allopathic treatments. After seeing her, I could feel the effects for days afterwards, and I came to appreciate her great intuition and talent for assessing the changing physical needs of her clients, which she beautifully articulates through touch. Experiencing such great serenity on her table, I would highly recommend her services for anyone experiencing a health journey or to those who simply want to enjoy more robust holistic health.”

— Hilary Wheeler, Non Profit Fund Raiser, Seattle, WA

“As a long distance runner, training 80/100 miles a week, I have been fortunate to work with Annie King whose remarkable talents for healing through yoga, massage, craniosacral therapy and lymph drainage therapy have enabled me to reach a level of fitness which would have been much more difficult without her help. The professional and calming demeanor she presents are much needed in these tense and stressful times.”

— Creighton King, Distance Runner/Teacher, Tacoma, WA

“Even though I’m young and athletic, I’ve endured years of back pain and spent years looking for answers from every type of doctor, chiropractor, and massage therapist I could find. No one could ever pinpoint the root cause. Eventually, I was in so much discomfort that I wasn’t able to hike or run anymore. I felt weak and depressed. I heard about Annie and thought I’d try a visit.

Within the first ten minutes I spent with Annie, she honed in on a simple, accurate diagnosis no one else had come up with before. She gave me a craniosacral treatment, which brought my pain and stress levels down immediately. She sent me to get x-rays from the chiropractor she works with, and he confirmed her observations and explained everything to me in detail. I finally had a clear understanding of what my body was doing, and it was such a relief.

After months of regular sessions with Annie and the team she works with, I was completely straightened out and pain free. I felt strong again. I can’t thank Annie enough for her calming influence, wise intuition, and patience. She now gives me regular “tune-ups” to help me keep stress and muscular tension at bay. She is an exceptional lady and a true healer.”

— Beth Lopez, Writer, Salt Lake City, UT

“Having sustained a significant neck injury in the last 1980s, I became frustrated with the conventional approaches to treating my pain. Annie’s ability to “read my body” and to apply her skills of massage and craniosacral Therapies has changed not only my life of pain and discomfort but many of my patients who “fail” the traditional approaches to joint, neck and back pain.

I frequently refer patients to Annie, many find her body work to be very beneficial for stress, chronic fatigue, and as a pro-active therapy for overall general health and well-being.”

— Leslie Rozier, Registered Nurse, Pinedale, WY

“I have been going to see Annie King for craniosacral therapy for over 2 years to deal with stress management. It has become part of my routine to stay more balanced, sleep better and react in a calmer way to the fast-paced world around me. It is the only body work I have found that leaves me both refreshed and relaxed at the same time.”

— Amanda Hatton, Media Specialist, Salt Lake City, UT

“Several years ago I had a serious horse accident with head trauma and I have suffered from multiple problems since then. I thought I was going to have to retire from my veterinary practice due to chronic fatigue, neurological problems, and constant pain. Now I have a new lease on life thanks to Annie King. Receiving craniosacral therapy from her has been a life altering experience. I can think more clearly and function much better now that I am not in constant pain. Annie is unique in her ability to communicate what a person needs to do to stay out pain and lead an active life.”

— Susan Blaha, Veterinarian, Boulder, WY