How to have a magical day


We've all heard about studies showing that our brains need breaks from stimulation and screen time to stay creative and happy. 

I advocate for this all the time--in what I tell my clients and in the treatments I provide, calming and resetting our overstimulated nerves through Craniosacral Therapy sessions. But rarely do you see this idea illustrated and told so beautifully as it is in this new children's book. 

You can get a peek of the book, titled a Magical Do-Nothing Day, here:

Let's all make a pledge to ourselves and to our bodies and spirits that, as this year winds down, we'll take more moments to experience stimulation as nature intended, not as technology enforces. More snowshoe steps, more ski turns, more miles on the trails, and more time watching the clouds go by. There's nothing more enlivening. 

With love,