Onward through the fog


This time of year, spring is juuuuuuust on the cusp of the horizon. Till then, the skies have been a bit sullen, and the plants haven't quite started to peek out yet. Awakening, or the inevitability of it, hangs on the air, but for many of us, these in-between seasons are when depression seeps in and finds us. 

I loved this piece from Brain PIckings, "Having it Out with Melancholy." 

“The gray drizzle of horror induced by depression takes on the quality of physical pain,” William Styron wrote in what remains the most gripping account of living with depression. As time pools that gray drizzle into an ocean of anguish, we begin to lose sight of the other shore — but there is, always, an other shore. 

As we navigate this difficult time of year, it does help to remember there is another shore on the other side. And, as always, I'm here to help ... just one Craniosacral Therapy session can be enough of a reboot for our nervous system that we can shake the cobwebs off a bit and feel calmed yet reinvigorated. 

There is light coming. I promise.