The anxiety-reducing, health-enhancing power of breathwork

When we're really stressed or upset, people instinctively tell us, "Just breathe." 

And, that instinct is correct. Breathwork, in fact, is a wonderful way to mitigate the constant stress, overstimulation, anxiety, and intensity in the world swirling around us. Pausing to take a measured breath and really pay attention to it (a great way to re-center and get present) takes us out of the swirl. In fact, as Dr. Andrew Weil says, a regular breathwork practice is a healing tonic. 

He's written extensively on the subject and seen this simple breathing exercise transform patients' lives by reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and boosting overall wellbeing. (Check out one of his posts about it here.)

Coming in for a craniosacral therapy appointment with me is a great big dose of anxiety-busting, nervous-system-rebooting, relaxation with lasting therapeutic benefits. But we all need an everyday practice too, which is why I love Dr. Weil's recommendations so much.