A lot of value in a little alone time


One reason Craniosacral Therapy treatment is so effective and helpful: we reboot bodies overstimulated by screen time, jam-packed schedules, and always-on demands. The effects of this quiet, nurturing time are wonderful: my clients emerge feeling rested, recharged, and clear-minded. Stresses fall away. All as a result of gentle, quiet time on my table. (The actual CST treatment itself only magnifies the benefits, of course!) 

That's why this article resonated so deeply: titled "Why we owe it to yourselves to spend quiet alone time every day," you can read it here. The author thoughtfully argues that we're going substantial damage to our minds by losing the habit of slowing down and reflecting alone. 

"Somehow, we need to create a new habit of mind, as individuals and as a society. We need a mental attitude that values and protects stillness, privacy, solitude, slowness, personal reflection; that honors the inner self; that allows each of us to wander about without schedule within our own minds," says author Alan Lightman. 

I suggest to all my clients that they consider a technology free Sunday once a month perhaps. Research shows that the rise in adrenal fatigue in the general population is directly related to the cell phone. It takes about twenty minutes to refocus after an interruption by our phone and this same amount of time for the nervous system to return to a relaxed state after the stimulus of the sound of the phone ring. Its just like what happens to a deer eating in the forest and it hears something step on a twig. It goes into hyper alert for a minute, which is just what our nervous systems do at the sound of our devices pinging us and it takes a while to come back to a calm state. If we turn off our phones and only turn them on when we need to make a call, return our messages, and turn the phone off again, our bodies and nervous systems would calm down significantly. A regular practice of yoga and meditation facilitates this process as well. So does regular Craniosacral Therapy.

Give the article a read and let me know what you think in the comments below—or as we begin your next restorative session on my table.