Join Annie for a Panchakarma Detox Retreat in India


A life-changing healing retreat

You are invited to join Annie King and Peter Francyk on their 2019 journey to the Aditya Ayurvedic Clinic. We will travel to southern India for a 28-day retreat to receive the ancient Ayurvedic detox called Panchakarma.

Over the course of your treatment, you will be assessed by Drs. P. Sathyanarayanan and Suma Sathyanarayanan at the Aditya Ayurvedic Clinic. You will be prescribed specific herbal medications to balance your doshas, and will receive Ayurvedic herbal treatments that address your unique condition. You will have the opportunity for daily consultations with your doctors regarding Ayurveda in general, your specific health needs, and the appropriate Ayurvedic treatments for you.

You will also receive daily Ayurvedic treatments tailored to your individual needs. These treatments may include: medicated oil massage of entire body (abhyanga), oil poured in a steady stream over the forehead (shirodhara), warm herbal infused water, oil or milk poured in a specific pattern over the entire body for 30-40 minutes (dhara), herbal steam treatments, and many others.

Typical daily schedule:

6am:  Awake to the music of local Hindu and Muslim temples
One of the staff members will bring your morning medicine (tailored to your constitution and specific health concerns, made on-site according to traditional Ayurvedic recipes).

6:30am:  Morning Yoga Practice with Annie or Peter
This will involve gentle, breath focused, meditative yoga where we will be mostly seated or lying prone. We will slowly open and unwind the body.

8 am:  Breakfast  
A delicious traditional Keralan breakfast of dosas and idlies with a mild curry will be brought to your doorstep each morning. These meals are made to give your body the nutrition it needs while balancing the doshas and giving your digestive system a rest.

9am-1pm:  Treatment
This is the portion of the day when most people will receive Ayurvedic treatment tailored to individual needs,

1pm:  Lunch
A traditional Keralan lunch of red rice and several different delicious curries followed by buttermilk.

3-5pm:  Personal Time
You will be encouraged to rest, to take time for contemplation, meditation, or prayer, to enjoy walks in the surrounding nature, and to write, draw, read, daydream, and sleep. 

5-7pm:  Evening yoga session with Annie
We will do a more active yoga practice at this time, focusing on standing and seated poses with emphasis on breathing and alignment. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace, and participation is always optional.

7pm:   Dinner  
A traditional south Indian meal of doshas and curry along with a small salad.

Please note that full Ayurvedic Panchakarma takes at least 28 days.

Dates and Prices:

Annie will depart from Salt Lake City, Utah on November 20 and return December 19, 2019. Flights from Utah to Kochi (Cochin), India range from $800 to $1,700 depending on the airline you fly with and when you make your reservation.

The cost for your 29-day stay at Aditya is $60/day. Annie usually factors in a tip of $300, as well. This cost covers your lodging, your food, your consultations with the doctors, and all your Ayurvedic treatments.

Annie’s rate as your scout leader is $200. She will make your reservation at the clinic and be your concierge while in India to help facilitate your stay. She will also offer Craniosacral Therapy for $150 for a 90-minute session or $200 for a 120-minute session.

Annie will be teaching yoga for the first week and the last week of the retreat, twice daily, at a rate of $35/class for a two-hour session. Peter Francyk, Annie's teacher, will be teaching Dec 1 thru Dec 15. This is a rare chance to study will someone of Peter's caliber and experience. His twice-daily yoga classes from 12/1-12/15 will cost a total of $1,200 per person for two weeks. Peter is an accomplished yoga teacher with 35 years of experience. His simple, safe, breath-centered practice that will support you thru panchakarma and expoentialize that experience. You will then have a simple daily practice to support you when you get home. Peter brings a wealth of experience about Ayurveda and the Keralan culture to the table.

To summarize, costs will be personalized for each person’s trip:

  • Cost of your round-trip flight

  • Food, lodging, and Ayurvedic care at a rough equivalent of $60/day (slightly variable based on exchange rate) plus a suggested tip of around $300

  • Annie’s Scout Leader fee of $200

  • Craniosacral therapeutic sessions if desired, at the rate of $150 for 90-min sessions and $200 for 120-min sessions

  • Yoga with Annie if desired, at a rate of $35/class

  • Yoga with Peter if desired, at a rate of $1,200 for two weeks of twice-daily classes

Please contact Annie King to make a reservation at: