Come For a Visit 

To make an appointment, please call, text, or email Annie. Her home studio is a calming, restorative place nestled in the avenues above downtown Salt Lake City. So come on in, take a deep breath, enjoy a cup of Annie's lemon balm water, and let her help you un-kink, relax, and reboot. A note: Annie is committed to providing care to all in need, and is open to bartering or trade with those who need her work.

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What to Know for Your Appointment 

Please arrive uncaffeinated, well hydrated, and in comfortable clothes. If you (or your child) have symptoms of any sort of illness, bacterial, or viral infection, please reschedule your appointment. In deference to those who are chemically sensitive, it would be greatly appreciated if you would avoid heavy scents (like perfumes or fragranced detergent/dryer sheets).

You will want to plan a quiet evening at home after your session and, if possible, for the day after your session. Your nervous system will be quieted and you may feel kind of tired and in need of rest. It's best to plan for that if you can.

If you will need a receipt for your insurance company or firm, you can do so by letting Annie know at the beginning of your appointment, and she will provide one at the end of your session.

Please do not arrive early—I use the time between appointments to re-set the studio. I will look forward to seeing you right at your appointment time!

Forms to Fill Out Beforehand

All clients need to fill out the Standard Intake Form. If you’re doing “trauma work” (Somatic Emotional Release Work) you’ll want to also fill out the four forms in the right column! This gives Annie the crucial information she needs about your physical and emotional state so she can better meet your needs. These forms can also be self-revelatory and bring clarity to your intentions for your appointment.

For your first session, plan to spend two hours with me, because I’ll be spending an extra 30 minutes getting to know your needs. You won’t be charged for this 30 minutes—the session will be billed as a normal 90 minute session.

You’ll notice when you schedule online that I take your credit card at the time of booking. Please give 24 hours' notice for cancellations; sessions cancelled last-minute are subject to the full fee. Annie's studio is open Wednesday through Saturday.  

Questions? Reach Out.

Call: 801.712.5576


Go to: 561 Second Ave, Salt Lake City, UT, 8410