Restorative Yoga to Stretch and Balance the Body

Yoga invigorates the mind and brings strength, balance and flexibility to the body. As we age, these are the things that we lose unless we develop and maintain a regular and consistent practice that includes cardio, stretching, strength building and bodywork. When the body is strong and flexible, it is not in pain. 

A therapeutic yoga practice focuses on the particular stretches that are most beneficial to meet the needs of the individual who is injured, aging or out of alignment. This can be anyone from an active athlete with tight muscles, or a patient of chronic illness dealing with tension and weakness. Any of these conditions can make participation in a yoga class difficult and frustrating. Annie's background in Kinesiology, the study of movement, enables her to design an individual practice that will best serve the needs of your body. 

An in-person session with Annie can help you learn poses and flows that are custom-tailored and adapted for your body. You can then integrate your yoga practice into your morning or evening routine. Regular and consistent practice of therapeutic yoga releases long-held patterns of tension and pain in the body, especially when used in tandem with craniosacral treatments.




Alleviated chronic pain 

Relief from headaches

Increased mobility

Increased energy

Reduced stress

Better focus 

Improved sleep quality